Specna Arms STAGE™ Training Target

The high-quality electronic training target by Specna Arms is an advanced system that’s made for improving your accuracy and speed.

After installing the application (QR code is available on the packaging and in the instructions), we connect to a target using Bluetooth™ – up to 32 targets can be linked to each other!

Once connected to the targets, we set the parameters such as the diameter of the ammunition, weight, and power of the airsoft gun. There are two modes available:

– Standard – all targets are raised

– Random – targets rise in random order

One round involves hitting each available target. The application also measures the time between hitting each target from the moment the training program is launched. During training, statistics are updated in real-time. 

The STAGE™ system is also equipped with additional lighting that can continuously illuminate the target or flash when hit.

The target is powered by a single 18650 battery that can be charged with a Micro USB cable.   Under the flap that holds the battery, there is additional space for a spare cell, or it can be used to store the current one. The set includes:

Set contains:

– STAGE™ training target

– 18650 battery

– Micro-USB cable

– User manual”


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