Excellent replica made by the DOUBLE EAGLE house, part of the UTR (Ultra Tactical Rifle) Series. This Series aims to provide good quality replicas at affordable prices.

The replica is almost entirely made of quality Nylon (body, ris m-lok, grip, stock ….), while remaining very robust and above all very light. There are also numerous metal parts (external barrel, stock tube, flame extinguishers and other small details) that do not negatively affect the weight of the replica itself, making it an ideal light, compact, robust and reliable game weapon.

The replica is equipped with screen-printed logos (including the unique serial number), a beautiful retractable stock in 4 positions, useful flip-up folding rear sights, a very comfortable AMBIDEXTROUS fire selector, a functional straight trigger and of an anti-slip handle.


The mechanics include a Ver.2 metal GearBox with metal gears for maximum reliability, reinforced cylinder head and piston, 8mm bearing bushings, quick spring release, metal bearing spring holder and particular electronic board called FALCON with integrated mosfet for motor and battery protection.

The replica, thanks to the installed Falcon electronic board, can be programmed to fire single shot or double shot in SEMI mode and can also be programmed in full AUTO, to create controlled bursts from 1 to 5 shots. Through the card it is also possible to adjust the sensitivity of the trigger in 3 modes.

The rifle is equipped with adjustable Hop-Up and the power of the rifle is close to Joule.


Attention! Select SAFE mode before connecting the battery to activate the system.


The replica comes with:

  • Replica (Controlled and Tested)
  • 300rd magazine
  • Auction clean barrel
  • Manual


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