HG-173 Full Auto CO2 Metal – Dark Earth





The HFC-173 pistol replica is mostly made of aluminum and metal – alloy. The gun is equipped with an extraordinary “overlay” made of polymer. It gives a unique character, improves the grip and allows the assembly a laser or flashlight.
It can be removed and after installing standard pistol grip (not included) use the gun in a classic form.

This replica has been reproduced on a 1: 1 scale, the CO2 capsule is powered. Just like rial gun the slide moves with each shot.

All internal elements were made of metal and light alloys. In addition, the Blow-back system gives the replica a sense of the reality of the slide mechanism.
And the “auto” function is an additional advantage of this replica, which gives us a significant advantage over the opponent.

The replica is equipped with an adjustable hop-up system.


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