CM 127 TAN





CM127 Pistol Replica

CM127 by Cyma is an alternative replica for gas models. The replica was made mainly from polymer so the entire skeleton and the slide as well as the trigger were made from polymer. At the back of the slide is a winged fire mode selector plate. The safety was placed on the right side of the skeleton. The replica can fire in semi-auto and full-auto modes, which makes it an incredibly efficient sidearm and, in some cases – like CQB scenarios, even a primary weapon.

The replica is powered by a battery located under the dummy slide. In order to remove the slide it is necessary to slide one lock and the entire operation of installation/exchange of the battery lasts mere seconds. An electric motor allows to use the replica – in comparison to gas replicas – in practically all weather conditions, all-year round. In order to gain access to the Hop-Up adjustment knob it is necessary to remove the slide.

The set includes a magazine that was made from metal, with a capacity of up to 29 BBs. The replica is compatible with standard AEP magazines by Cyma

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– magazine speedloader
– battery
– charger for the battery
– cleaning rod



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