The magazine dedicated to the WELL WE06 PPK20 submachine gun is an essential piece of equipment for advanced airsoft players. Its carefully designed construction not only delivers high functionality but also meets the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts of this form of entertainment.

The innovative switching feature between the 30-round Real-Cap mode and the 80-round Mid-Cap mode makes this magazine exceptionally versatile. This tool offers players the flexibility to adapt to diverse gameplay scenarios, thereby enhancing the appeal of every skirmish.

The robust, one-piece shell of the magazine, made from high-quality polymer, ensures not only durability but also resistance to intensive use. The built-in button, ergonomically placed beneath the shell, allows for smooth and rapid capacity changes.

The 30-round Real-Cap mode perfectly caters to the needs of realism enthusiasts, requiring a tactical approach due to the limited ammunition. Meanwhile, the 80-round Mid-Cap mode introduces additional flexibility during dynamic encounters, enabling a more aggressive playstyle with frequent shots or longer engagements without the need for frequent magazine changes.

The WE06 magazine not only meets the expectations of the most demanding players but also seamlessly fits into the broader context of the advanced airsoft replica, the WELL PPK20.


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