SA-J08 EDGE 2.0™ Carbine Replica 

EDGE ™ is a series of Specna Arms replicas that combines a range of innovative solutions and technologies difficult to find in other replicas on currently the market. The series focuses on a very good external build, solutions increasing the replica’s versatility, longevity, facilitating failure diagnostics, and susceptibility to power tuning.

Replica Features:

– receiver made out of steel sheet
– steel, one-piece outer barrel
– metal hop-up chamber
 Helium™ Flat Hop bucking
– precise aluminum inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03mm
– ESA2™ quick spring change system – after folding the stock and removing the dust cover, we have access to the spring guide without the need to disassemble the gearbox shell.
– pre-installed GATE ASTER™ V3 system
– reinforced ORION™ V3 Gearbox, which ensures high reliability.

• reinforced polymer piston with a full steel jaw
• aluminum, double sealed cylinder head
• aluminum double sealed piston head with ball bearing
• spring guide with ball bearings
• set of steel gears

– muzzle device on 24mm CW / 14mm CCW thread
– side mounting rail of the “dovetail” type
– realistic structure in the VFC system, based on pins, levers and pins
– a lot of space for a stick type battery under the dust cover (LiPo ready)
– side-folding skeletal stock
– magwell spacer insert for easy magazine reloading
– originally designed mid-cap S-MAG magazines with a capacity of 130 BBs
– handguard made out of plywood.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

– replica
– 2 x S-MAG mid-cap magazine
– user manual
– Deans-Tamiya Mała adapter
– ASTER system programming card


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